Welcome to the home of yydecode!

What is yydecode then?

yydecode is a highly portable decoder for yEnc encoded binaries, which unfortunately has recently been spreading like wildfire on Usenet. The name ‘yydecode’ is a play on the infamous ‘uudecode’ program, although that’s not the only similarity – yydecode aims to behave like uudecode; in normal circumstances it can be used as a direct drop-in replacement.

Where can I find more information?

The README (which is a copy of the manual page) is probably a good place to start. If in doubt, you can always ask for help. There’s also the SourceForge hosted forums, should you wish to discuss any yydecode-related topics. See the project summary pages for more details.

Download yydecode

The current stable version of yydecode is 0.2.10, released on 2003-04-15.

Here is the current ChangeLog.

Please follow the appropriate instructions for your operating system:

Mac OS X
A Fink package for yydecode has been uploaded by Ben Hines to the current unstable distribution. If you don’t already have Fink installed, do it now! You won’t regret it. ^_-
(I’ve been asked to point people towards OpenUp, a GUI for various file archives. It doesn’t support yydecode yet, so please go and bug the author about it! ^_-)
Debian GNU/Linux, Debian GNU/Hurd and derivatives
A Debian package of yydecode has been submitted by Itai Zukerman, and found its way into the current ‘unstable’ distribution (‘sid’). If you use the ‘testing’ distribution (‘woody’), take advantage of apt’s ‘Pin’ feature! Users of the current ‘stable’ distribution (‘potato’) can always compile yydecode from source.
RedHat and derivatives
Daniel Rogers has volunteered to maintain RPM packages for yydecode. Thanks Dan!
Cross-compiled binaries for Win32 are usually made available with each new release on the SourceForge download pages. See INSTALL.w32 for installation instructions.
There has been reports of yydecode successfully compiling natively under Win32 using CygWin or MinGW.
POSIX compatible system (Compile from source)
Get the source from the SourceForge download pages. The author personally recommends that you install yydecode via the ‘stow’ program.

CVS Access

Should you be feeling impatient for new releases of yydecode, and enjoy living on the bleedin’ edge, you can always take a look at the CVS repositry. If in doubt, use the last release version.

Contributing to yydecode

Are there any aspects of yydecode that you don’t like? Think you can make it better?

If you can code:
Send me patches! I’ll be happy to accept any1 code contributions.
If you are an user:
Infect me with your memes! Use the SourceForge feature request tracking system.



Liyang Hu, yydecode@nerv.cx

1 Well written, legible, and sensible code, of course. Otherwise any patches will be converted to a meme, and treated as such. ie. it may or may not get implemented, depending on how much free time I can spare.

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